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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Big Bustin' Dufflin vs The Wild Things

You know, it's just an 'update a previous blogging adventure' kind of day.

If you didn't see it on the page, you have to read Big Tex's update on the 'Game-Winning Save' Theory posted this afternoon.

And then I saw something that required a bit of a retro-fit post, as well...

On two previous occasions, I had found reason to recount the pure hockey splendor of having attended my first live game at Madison Square Garden and watching the fabled Blueshirts step out of the tunnel and emerge on the ice, basked in the spotlight while Arcade Fire's 'Wake Up', cranked to the hilt, lifted the home crowd's cheering at the opening of the 08-09 season to the Hockey Heavens...

It was during our OGA Road Trip, the First where the On Goal Analysis crew traveled to New York for 5 NHL games in 4 days. For a recant of that first, now one year old post, click here. If really interested, you can listen to our archived hockey talk show, where we reminisced on our big Field Trip, on it's first anniversary here.

I revisited my moment of hockey nirvana for a second time here on the blog during the off-season when one thought led to another and I began thinking of the use of modern music to help sell the game.

(I will have an update on that topic coming later in the season, too. And all I'll hint at here is the fact an Austin, Texas 4-piece has dominated the ear-waves for music used to promote NHL hockey the last couple of years...)

But the next day after my second post, I saw the just-released trailer for the new Spike Jonze movie version of Maurice Sendak's childhood classic, 'Where the Wild Things Are'. And they were using 'Wake Up' in the promo. It was a nice little convergence of things I quite enjoy and thought, 'cool.'

Then I see this today. And it all comes full circle. Big Bustin' Dufflin is Max without his Wolf Suit.

Simply Awesome. Go Hockey.

Dustin Byfuglien's glance to the side and smirk at the end of delivering his line lets you know just how much he enjoyed checking that Wild Thing into the glass...and how hard it was for him to keep a straight face.

Seriously, though, I heard the play is under review by the league and there may be an undisclosed fine for Big Buffy to pay in the foreign currency of the Scuderi. Or perhaps a two-game suspension for committing the Ott of War on an unsuspecting hockey Monster.

Unclear message means message not heard. Understand?

But seriously, message way heard with the great commercial previewing the Chicago/Minnesota game. Kudos.

And if you didn't click to read the Frozen Pill August 09 post I referenced above, you missed the video of the live performance of the song, wherein they are joined by David Bowie. Definitely worth a listen if you care for such things as great songs.

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