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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

10.18.09 JabberHockey Archived and Ready

Go to www.ongoalanalysis.com and find the blogtalkradio player half way down the left column under JabberHockey. Click 'play' and have a listen to the OGA Boys discuss current hockey offerings, the games2watch and listen as we revisit our OGA Road Trip, The First where OGA started the 08-09 season in NYC to catch 5 games in 4 days from MSG to the Phone Booth to the Igloo.

While listening, have a gander around the homepage and check out the standings and last night's scores. Also take note of the OGA PQC Status Spectrum above the picture in the middle.

These are the colors of our times. We are nearing the 10-game mark for many of the teams and you are soon to see some of the team names (in the standings) move from the default 'In The Curve' yellow to their newly-earned, proper coded-color in the PQC Status Spectrum.

And once it starts, it doesn't stop. All season long you will see teams on the ice vying for points. But at OGA, we know ahead of time how it translates to their playoff chances. Yes, even now, this early, we can make the call.

Last season, we did so with almost 90% accuracy. Often and early. And it all begins again this week! What will our 09-10 Report Card look like? We'll have to let the games play out to see. But, after you listen to the archived JabberHockey, go to the OGA Report Card page here and see how we fared last season.

For the 2008/9 NHL regular season, On Goal Analysis (OGA) predicted who would be IN or OUT of the playoffs with 89.7% accuracy and an average of 84 days before the same mathematical call. Using On Goal Analysis' proprietary Playoff Qualifying Curve (PQC), teams were analyzed along a minimum standard that equals entry into the 2009 Playoffs and labeled at Chasing Stanley - IN - or at Tee Time - OUT - of post-season action. How did the calls unfold as the season progressed? Find out here…

And if you are wondering how, make sure to read the TAO of OGA.

Also, please remember to join us every Sunday, 5.30 ET for JabberHockey. Our house is open.

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