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Monday, October 26, 2009

25OCT JabberHockey Archived and Available

Yesterday's JabberHockey is archived and ready for the listening. If you weren't able to join us live yesterday, make sure to mark ye calendars for each Sunday at 5.30ET and bookmark the JabberHockey page here so you can join us each week.

Yesterday's broadcast was a dandy. We were joined by Whale4ever from www.litterboxcats.com, the must-read Florida Panthers blog featured on the SB Nation network. Obviously, we had to learn the latest on David Booth and we discussed 'the hit' and the local reaction.

Whale also did a great job bringing us all inside the State of Hockey in Florida - what's new, what's different and how the game is growing.

We even talked about the 'Get Well Soon' card Craig Anderson sends south from Colorado.

And for the first time in the young season, OGA was able to discuss some of our IN/OUT calls made this previous week. It's time to evaluate the teams hitting the 10-game mark and we already have some ideas who you will see in the playoffs next April.

You can listen in on the discussion as OGA claims the Colorado Avalanche have met our PQC criteria for an appearance in the 09-10 NHL Playoffs and we call them at 'Chasing Stanley'.

Now how's that for hanging them out there?

And we have other OGA Calls you might be surprised by. So give a listen, won't you?

Just go to the On Goal Analysis home page and find the archive player half way down the left column. Give ye olde play button the clickity-click and listen in. We appreciate it and think you will, too.

And join us each Sunday on JabberHockey! OGA Knows. And you can, too.

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