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Friday, October 9, 2009

JabberHockey Show Outline for Sunday, 11 OCT 5.30PM Eastern

This Sunday, OGA's weekly hockey talk show, JabberHockey will feature OdinMercer, Editor-in-Chief for the excellent Phoenix Coyotes blog, FiveforHowling.com - one of the featured NHL blogs of the SBNation.

We will begin the show with OdinMercer's recap of Saturday's home-opener in Phoenix - where hockey matters.

Saturday night's tilt will bring out the wild dogs and OdinMercer will be with us to share his thoughts on Phoenix's first look at new coach, Dave Tippett and this team's forming identity - that of the potentially roaming pack who have nothing to lose and a team to forge.

We also want to know just what it will take to keep hockey in the desert and what grass-roots movements are in place (or forming) to ensure a continued NHL presence and growth of the game, in general, in this non-traditional market.

And we really like the fact we will discuss all this the day after Phoenix's SOLD-OUT 'White Out' Opener in the desert.

The OGA Boys will then spend the rest of the hour discussing our Stand-Out games of the previous week and how all 30 teams' are performing as measured against OGA's proprietary Playoff Qualifying Curve (PQC).

Which teams are moving up on the PQC Status Spectrum (Sharpening Skates, anyone?) and which teams are Dusting off Clubs so early in the season? Each game brings OGA a little closer to knowing and we like to share.

We will then round out the show with one game we are each looking forward to in the coming week and also some fantasy hockey analysis. This week, we continue our discussion from our last show on just what does constitute a fair fantasy trade offer for Alex Ovechkin.

Please go to the JabberHockey show page and set yourself an email reminder to join us on Sunday, October 11th at 5.30PM Eastern for what promises to be a barn-burner...in the desert!

And please remember to visit www.ongoalanalysis.com every day throughout the season for scores, blogging and the ever-changing PQC Status Spectrum!

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