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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day-to-Day (concussion)

Just a quick post here on two of the Frozen Pill's teams. While peeking at some standings and points and fantasy league results, two thoughts occurred:

Thought 1. Awesome game last night in Carolina. I can't wait to watch this one again on the NHL GameCenter Live archive player when available. And folks who may have been tuned in to other games (or the folks in Nashville who may have just simply turned their TVs off) should make sure they have seen this dandy save on the ice last night...(below)

Thought 2. Haven't we had enough of politicians lately? What the dickens is so Dickensy-hard about getting a privately-funded, job-creating, real-estate stabilizing huge influx of goodness into that field where they want to put the Lighthouse (where the old building already is).

So, in betwixt deciding whether or not to use free-agency to build an all-rookie team for the OGA Pool (in order to keep my contribution to the season-fun interesting) I thought I would pass along a little highlight action and a little ranting. And perhaps a little fantasy delusion or two as I scour the NHL for rookies and young-guns to blow up my team with...

A Shot, A Save. Goalie-Cam Scores

Here is a nice little save from Cam Ward in last night's duel between last season's Eastern Conference finalists, PIT@CAR. This was one of the games the Frozen Pill picked to watch on last Sunday's JabberHockey and it was indeed a tasty bit of hockey. The two teams had a chance to get re-acquainted for the new 09-10 regular season and it almost appeared as if Ward and the Penguins' Bill Guerin tried to shake hands - stick to glove.

We at least know a quick-moving puck was exchanged:

Watch Guerin's expression when Ward makes the save.
Guerin: (looking to heaven) Dear, God... (looking down at Cam Ward) Nice Save.

And Ward made 35 others as well to try to keep the 'Canes in it. It took the sixth Penguin shooter in the shoot-out to decide this one. Proper props out to Goalie-Cam for an excellent performance last night.


The Frozen Pill hyped up last season's playoff performer Jussi Jokinin as one fantasy player to watch (Under the Radar) this season since he will be settled and starting the campaign fresh after joining Carolina last season. So far, he leads the 'Canes in points (5) with 2 goals and 3 assists and still merits your attention.

But Eric Staal fans can also take heart...especially those of us who have him skating on our fantasy teams. A bit of a respitory bug (read: muscle tightness) had moved its way through the Carolina locker room and Staal may not have been playing at 100%. But we all know he is a great player and will put up points...even after slow starts like last season. Besides, he's second on the team in shots (23) and you just know those Staal wristers are going to start hitting their target sooner rather than later. Keep the faith and don't keep him on your bench.


A RANT. Begin Trasmission

The Lighthouse Project hangs in peril while a small band of low-level politicians continue to push against the idea of a complete make-over and revitalization to the community and those around it.
Sounds like a Trade Federation Blockade to me. Assuming huge chunks of change, mostly put up by a group of private citizens in a capital venture to create a premier destination as an investment (and the resulting job creation) is exactly what the folks in the Town of Hempstead don't want - the city council should reconsider whether they are serving the needs of their constituents or their own preferred interests.

Time to put away the petty and start to rebuild. The New York Islanders ON the island is a piece of history and a legacy they should not be so quick to dismiss. Eventually, our representatives, the 'guardians' of our future, will need to go Up or Down on the Lighthouse Project and stop fretting over nuance when there is some life to live on Long Island. End Transmission.


Meanwhile, look at left wing Matt Moulson go. With all the attention on the Long Island Ice-T, the sneaker coming in at exactly pick 263rd overall (9th round) in the 2003 NHL entry draft, Moulson leads the Isles with 17 shots and is a team-leading +3. That's a plus 3. He has two goals and two assists and might just be worth keeping an eye on as a free agent in your deeper fantasy leagues. Believe it or not, if things turn better for the Island, an eventual Rick DiPietro return may spark something interesting this season and the Isles are looking for goal scorers to open up play. Don't neglect them on your scouting ventures.

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It's the economy, stupids. Build it.

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