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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nickelback Skates With Islanders. Ay, There's The Rub...-FP

I went to check out the new Islander's website and found, what appears to be, a gem on the Islanders TV page going back to late July during this long off-season. It may explain 08-09's last-place finish if the Isles have been bringing in 'scabs' from the rock and roll industry to compete for ice time. Let me check this out and see.

Nope. We are okay here. Turns out the Kroeger brothers of the rock band Nickelback skated with some of the Isles extended family (Scott Gordon, Eric Cairns, Garth Snow, etc.) last month before playing a show later in the evening.

But it all seemed too suspicious to pass up without investigation.

In all seriousness, Frozen Pill likes him some Islanders. Having become a recent fan, I've paid attention the last couple of seasons to this team's growing pains. Having two fellow writers on our site who are, and have always been, in love w/ the Blueshirts, it adds some 'discussion points' to our conversations. Besides, it's always fun rooting for the underest of underdogs.

So I am excited (like so many others) to see Tavares (the OGA-dubbed, 'Long Island Ice T') and the rest of the emerging talent on this team start the new season.

And I honestly couldn't hum you or identify a Nickelback song. The Pill's tastes in music are OTHER and doesn't listen to much tunage on the radio. But I have seen some press that suggests people may have had their fill with this band and want their nickel back.

Having not heard them (to my knowledge), my opinion has been formed by their recent appearances in things hockey I watch.

I saw some interview with them last season where the lead singer, Chad Kroeger- seems like a nice guy - discussed the ice rink he built in his house so he can play hockey. Cool enough by me.

And as for the ever-evolving romance between Arena music and NHL hockey, the OGA boys were able to catch a couple of NY Rangers games at MSG at the start of last season. We sat in the blue seats facing the tunnel at center ice. And when the lights dimmed for the start of the second period and the game's first beer had hit bottom, the Rangers came pouring out onto the ice, bathed in the spotlights, to the cheers of thousands of fans while the sound system blasted The Arcade Fire's Wake Up.

Like the clouds parting and the sun shining through, it was a true moment of hockey heaven.

Perhaps, during the regular season, OGA will examine the role of modern music at crucial, crowd-pleasing moments during NHL hockey games. Used to convey messages to both the fans and the referees after a bad call, I have been sometimes very pleasantly surprised by the song choices.

And then there's the issue of the fading sound of the pipe organ, too.

Wow. There's some writing to be done there. In the meantime, have you too been surprised to hear a song you love but never thought you would hear played during a hockey game (between stops or even during intermissions)?

If so, leave a comment below. Being under the impression they are not surprising, Nickelback songs don't count.

And stay with On Goal Analysis for unique insight, analysis and a new bless-ed website coming soon!

PS - If you didn't click the link for The Arcade Fire's 'Wake Up' up there, I've made it even easier for you. Coz it's worth sharing.

Here is the Wake Up video. If you enjoy, click the link earlier in the post for a live version wherein they are joined by David Bowie. Yes, it's good. Just watch.

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