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Saturday, August 29, 2009

The New OGA Web Site: A (Remotely) Guided Tour – The Colonel

As we stated on Ballhype yesterday, On Goal Analysis’ 2009/10 web page was just launched. What is there now, and what is still coming?

At the On Goal Analysis home page, we provide you the end result of our primary work – calling NHL teams IN or OUT of the playoffs as far in advance as possible each season based on our proprietary Playoff Qualifying Curve (PQC). Last year, we were 89.7% accurate AND an average of 84 days before the mathematical call. By 1 January 2009, we had already made the call on 17 teams. The home page front and center will make these calls as press releases at the end of every team’s 10-game stretch (i.e. Game 10, 20, 30, etc.), and the Western and Eastern Conference standings will reflect the appropriate color code at the top of the page. Daily you will see our last eight blogs, the Picture of the Night, tonight’s and tomorrow’s games (changed at noon EST so the score is up each morning), and our 2009/10 Pool Standings. (More on the OGA Pool in a minute.) Buttons to get to our Blog Talk Radio show, JabberHockey, will be up front, as well as or Favorite Links list and our Twitter interface. From 31 August until 29 September, OGA will launch a daily Season Preview Report for each team in alphabetical order – the jerseys at the bottom of the page will link to their team’s post. Once the season begins, however, this is where you will see OGA’s IN or OUT calls being made.

Wonder what the PQC is all about? From the link at the top of the home page or by going to the Tao of OGA page, you can see what the fuss is all about. This will tell you what the PQC is and highlight our subscription product, The Daily Tip In Report (DTIR). Want to know exactly when a team is sinking fast? When they are on the rise? What will be the call even before it is posted on the home page? For a single contribution of $10, you can get the DTIR delivered to your email Inbox every day (except during the Olympic break) by 10am EST. What do you get for your 10 bucks? Just click on the first instance of the phrase “Daily Tip In Report” or any of the links in the “Our Products” section and you can see an example. As a bonus, this page will carry the top three stats leaders in several categories daily in the sidebars.

Just how accurate was OGA last year? Truth in lending is our key, so our 2008/9 Season Report Card will be posted on 30 September to let you be the judge of our work.

The OGA Store takes you to where you can purchase your DTIR as well as other products we will sell in the future. There is also a link to email us if you are looking for a special analytical requirement – we will be happy to provide you a quote!

Our JabberHockey page will be your link to our weekly(+) JabberHockey radio show on BlogTalk Radio. While this page has “Coming Soon” stamped all over it, ‘Soon’ is right around the corner. Our leadoff show includes the 1st round draft for the OGA Pool powered by PoolExpert.com which includes teams run by some of your favorite Ballhype bloggers. Come here from the home page link for show listings.

We are TOO excited for the upcoming OGA 2009/10 OGA (Fantasy Hockey) Pool. Our OGA Pool page will tell all soon as we draft Round 1 live on September 27th and complete the draft manually for the rest of the rounds by late on September 30th. For our Poolies, this site already has a link that takes them to the Pool Rules and a second one that provides them our spreadsheet of draft-related stats to start mulling over their draft strategy. We will show the draft in its entirety on this page, carry a listing of trades made and add a section for trash talk. Want help from OGA is designing your pool? Email us at shotongoal@ongoalanalysis.com and ask for a specialty product and we will give you a quote.

Our page is rounded out with a link to the OGA Blogs, the ‘Our Staff’ page to tell you who we are, and Privacy and Terms of Use links at the bottom of each page. Folks, we are just about at Training Camp Time, so the long, summer season is almost over. OGA is ready – has been ready – to jump in with both feet. Come to our new home page at www.ongoalanalysis.com and come along for the wild ride that will be the 2009/10 NHL season!

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