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Friday, August 14, 2009

The Moose Out Front Should Have Told You - Frozen Pill


Fortunately, we're in the heat of summer and THE PARK IS NOT CLOSED! I am sure they are not repairing every ride at the same time. And somebody owes us a little fun.

Please join On Goal Analysis (OGA) in our fantasy hockey pool for the 2009/10 NHL regular season. We are looking for some hockey bloggers who would be interested in playing some fantasy hockey!

If you write for/publish a blog covering any aspect of hockey, drop a line to frozenpill@rocketmail.com or direct message us on twitter.

We are looking to rearrange our own little comfy corner of the sweet, sweet addiction sometimes referred to as fantasy hockey. And at the same time, gather up some some fellow communers at the First Church of Hockey for dialogue, ideas and maybe even some quote-worthy chirping.

The time draws nigh and we are finalizing our rule-set now and will be ready to share with interested players soon. We will have something special planned for the draft and plan to do some fun follow up with analysis and discussion with the writer-players in the pool as the season plays out.

Also, if you are simply a fan of ongoalanalysis.com and The Colonel and Big Tex's hockey musings, or a friend of ours on BallHype, we would like to invite you to be the first fan to contact us for joining in the hOckeybLoggerspOol (tip to the Colonel).

Obviously, there is no cost involved...just the commitment for the season to try and kick the Colonel's arse.

Again, you can email frozenpill@rocketmail.com, message us on the Twit or even leave comments below...just provide us a way of getting back to ye.

And yes, your Mommy said you can come out and play. No need to check. JOIN US!

TAKE ME TO ongoalanalysis.com (tease: new site coming soon!)

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