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Thursday, August 6, 2009

"Who's Got JR?" A Video Tribute - Frozen Pill

This post was going to be for the San Jose Sharks Off-Season Update. However, with yesterday's retirement of Jeremy Roenick after 1363 NHL games played over 20 seasons, this post shall be a quick tribute to the end of the Era of JR. Considered by many as the current ambassador of hockey, JR was also the NHL's rock star long before Ovie-1 hit the scene in DC.

In his younger years, he was brash and mouthy and brought less-than-fond attention to himself and the game at times. But as Roenick matured through the years, he brought a certain passion to the game through his play and conduct that could enamor even the most ardent fan of the opposing team on any given night. And Jeremy would be the first to discuss (and has many times) the difference between the player he was and the player he would become in his later years.

And whether you loved or hated him, Jeremy was simply fun and embodied something unique...a bridge between the players of yesteryear's gritty hockey games and the new, flashy skill of today's NHL.

Agitator, Great American goal-scorer and entertainer, I give you JR. A man tough enough to hit Bob Probert, curiously play with his broken jaw on the bench...and white-man dance in front of thousands of viewers. Enjoy this tribute to some of Jeremy's 'other' hockey moments.

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