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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

OGA Road Trip II: A Night With The TSN Crew (And Others)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I apologize for bowing out at the moment, but I have just returned to my computer after post-game activities with members of the TSN, NHL Network and St. Louis Blues. That, coupled with only a few hours of sleep on Wednesday, means I need a little sleep before I can properly do justice to a game blog behind the scenes.

Let me, however, drop some names you will read about tomorrow when I launch the final blog on this awesome trip:

Pierre McGuire (TSN, NBC)
Gord Miller (TSN)
Jim Gordon (XM Radio)
Brian Burke (Toronto Maple Leafs)
Joe Nieuwendyk (Toronto Maple Leafs)
Doug Armstrong (St. Louis Blues)

It may sound arrogant to drop those names, but those who know me understand I am doing this blogging for the love of the game. All of those gentlemen gave me more reasons to love this Great Game because they added color and character to a sport that is all about that.

So I promise, more in the morning when I can do this experience justice.

Stand by for more...

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