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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

OGA Road Trip II: A Night In The Life of TSN

Wednesday, 8 April, 4:15am - Like a kid on Christmas morning, I am up for the third time overnight. This time, however, it is for the actual alarm to start this incredible day where I am traveling to Toronto to join Pierre McGuire and Gord Miller as their guest for tonight's Buffalo and Toronto game telecast.

As I update the web page, I feel like I am starting a mission. A mission to bring a night in the life of TSN to you, the Hockey fan. I will be behind the scenes with Pierre and Gord, so I intend to tell you how it is they do what they do. With the help of modern (cell phone) technology and hotel high-speed Internet access, I will blog about the experience in the hope of bringing you along with me on this great opportunity.

Come back to this link often so you, too, can be a part of Hockey Night In Canada. Buckle up your seat belts - this is to be a tale of planes, automobiles and behind-the-scenes access...

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