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Saturday, April 25, 2009

John Tortorella VS Saddam Hussein

Last night, John Tortorella scratched Sean Avery for Game 5 against the Caps. Seems the sloppy-mouthed Avery has been a little undisciplined in his play lately.

What to do then to fire up your team as the Rangers are losing to the Capitals in DC and no Avery to get under the skin of the Caps' players? Have the coach challenge the fans to a stick-duel! Unfortunately, only Torts has access to the sticks. Ripping one out of Aaron Voros' hands, Torts threatens to get none other than....Saddam Hussein!

Watch the video for proof - the fellow in the white t-shirt behind the glass, jawing with the New York Rangers' coach. If that ain't proof Saddam is still in hiding, I don't know what is...in our nation's capital, nonetheless!

Below, a different view of the incident including multiple replays of Torts Tossing the alleged 'water bottle' at the beginning of the incident.

No wonder Saddam was pissed!

Hey, coach, we like the fire - but since the incident may get you suspended for a game perhaps that whole 'lead by example' thing comes into play on a night like last night.

Or perhaps, we truly are seeing that everything old is new again!

But will the Rangers fans at MSG want to play, too when the Caps visit on Sunday? Let's hope not. In a eerily similar (although reversed role-players) incident, the Rangers fans have their own history of non-skater-related hockey stick dueling. Watch the guy in the stands grab a Bruin's stick here and start whacking the player on the head with it. But this was a different day and age and the Bruins players had no issue taking the battle into the stands.

I'm guessing last night's little drama will simply add to the flair that will be Game 6 of the Eastern Quarter Finals that is New York Rangers vs the Washington Capitals. Should be a good 'un.

Now, can somebody explain what the heck Saddam is doing w/ glass seats at the Verizon Center?

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