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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

OGA Road Trip II: Changing Planes in Big D

Wednesday, 8 April, 9:37am - Almost halfway there (sort of), I'm now at DFW airport, waiting to board for Toronto.

As we flew in over Dallas at about 8:15, I was reminded to be thankful. While we have drivers in Louisiana who sometimes don't know how or when to yield, Dallas has it's traffic. If it was dusk, Tim McGraw's "...Red ants marching into the night..." line would definitely apply. Still, it was nice to come in over DFW and recognize some familiar landmarks like Lewisville High School and some of the local businesses.

The flight here was smooth, uneventful and roomy - we had less than 20 on our aircraft. When I got to my gate, I invoked Road Warrior Rule Number 2: check for an open bulkhead seat. This gives you more leg room. Mission accomplished.

Road Warrior Rule Number 1 I learned from my grandfather: carry with you what you need. So I have my computer with some key peripherals and a hanging bag with all the stuff tied to my slacks, coat and tie. I land in Toronto at about 2:45 and want to get from the airport to the hotel, get cleaned up and changed, and get to the Air Canada Centre by about 5:30. In almost 25 years of military service, I have learned to make the most out of whatever I'm given. So arriving at 5:30 means I have to maximize the 5.5 hours in the broadcast booth, along the press concourse and in the locker rooms.

Pinch me.

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Frozen Pill said...

Consider yourself pinched. Now go get 'em!