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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Day One: NYC

After one day in NYC, I have the following observations:
1. If you go to New York, they give you free shoes. At the NHL Faceoff 2008 extravaganza, I won a free pair of custom (design your own) Reeboks. My son promptly confiscated them, but it was a nice welcome to the Big Apple, nonetheless.
2. New Yorkers are much nicer than the stereotype suggests. Salt of the earth, good people. Honestly, it's been an eye-opening experience.
3. New York Rangers fans are AWESOME. We sat up in section 420 (in the blue seats), and I was blown away by the spirit, the enthusiasm of the Blueshirt faithful. I look forward to going back to MSG for the Monday night tilt w/ the Devils.

More later-time to eat and run down to D.C. for tonight's game.

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