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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Are There Penguins In Pittsburgh?

We are on Pennsylvania Interstate 70/76, almost at Pittsburgh. We are running late to meet Sascha of Berlin, Germany fame from yesterday's Islanders game. A true Hockey fan - his German team folded and he refuses to go see the rival Berlin Ice Bears and will write off any family members who do - was to meet us at the Marriot across the street from Melon Arena where you can often times meet some of the players. If we miss you, Sascha, we will catch you the next time you are in America. He, like we, were impressed by Carlton our cab driver who picked us out of the crowd coming off of the Long Island Railroad, delivered four of us to Nassau Coliseum for $24 AND picked us up after a five minute wait to hurry back to the station, all arranged with a handshake.

We are amazed at two things as we speed through the Allegheny Mountains. The trees are a painting of wonderful confusion in Wild green, Flames' red and yellow and Flyers' orange. We also are mystified by the lack of mileage signs by the side of the road, but know they would block the view.

We are about to exit now for Mellon Arena, so More To Follow...

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