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Monday, October 13, 2008

...Because Hockey is a Global Community

Here we are on the Long Island Rail Road headed towards the Isles vs Sabres matinee. The OGA fellas are now joined by a fellow hockey traveller, Sascha from Germany. Sascha saw us standing on the platform, waiting for the train. We assume he recognized us as fans of the Great Game due to our representin' each of the three NY Teams with the Frozen Pill donning the Islanders T, Big Tex in his Rangers shirt and The Colonel sporting the Sabres duds. Perhaps we make this easy. Sascha approached us for some advice on procuring a ticket for the train and how best to get to the game. Our repsonse was simply, 'Join us'. Like OGA, Sascha is on his own Hockey Sojourn here in the states and is catching 5 games in 10 days. Yes, hockey fans are a community like no other. Must keep this post short as we need to disembark from the train and hop a bus soon to Nassau Coliseum. Turns out Sascha, like OGA, is headed west for the Pittsburgh Penguins game tomorrow as well...so an open invite is extended to all you fellow fans out there, no matter where you are from, whether West Berlin, Texas or PA...care to join OGA in the Steel City? After all, we all speak the same language of hockey. Make sure you at least join us on the OGA Blog if you can't join in person. Next post...on the way to MSG tonight...!

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