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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Portrait Of A...

See the guy above whose hands Rick Rypien are all over? That is a portrait of a full-fleged, bonafide (you fill in your favorite adjective here).

That's right - he is a (fill in another one here) to not only a Wild sweater, but any Hockey jersey from any team, anywhere near a sheet of ice.

In the military, someone not dressed in a combatant's uniform and carrying his weapon openly is legally considered a terrorist. While there won't be a tribunal here, had arena security known this yahoo would secretly enter the building with a lawyer tucked in his back pocket, they would have at least charged him properly for two tickets.

The only people jumping for joy at this call for litigation are the bottom feeding, ACLU card-carrying, litigators.

I hope the judge grew up in Michigan as a Gordie Howe fan so he can toss this (one last adjectivial shot here) out of his court on his apparently tender hind quarters - no worry there as his lawyer will break his fall...

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