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Monday, October 18, 2010

OGA's Black and Blue Schedule - Pair #4

Tomorrow night, On Goal Analysis' Black and Blue (B&B) Schedule resumes as we begin a BOS @ WSH and WSH @ BOS pair over the next three nights.

If you remember from the original post, the B&B Schedule is one of 30 pairs of games this season in which the opponents play back-to-back in each other's building with no other opponents in between to muddy anything. The theory of the schedule was that "...due to the increased nature of competition against the same foe for a consecutive game, the following things will happen in Game 2 of the pairing:
1. The opposite team will win the game
2. The likelihood of the game going into OT / SO is higher
3. There will be more penalty minutes awarded...."

So far this season, the NHL Premiere games in Europe all qualified as B&B pairs. Within, at least one of the three premises of the theory above was born out, and in two of the three pairs, two occurred. We eagerly await the outcome of this B&B special with or last one of the month being NYI @ MTL and MTL @ NYI, something that did not work out so well for the Canadiens in the not too distant past.

Order more ice packs, bandages and sutures as we work our way into the BOS/WSH series on Tuesday and Thursday nights...

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