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Friday, January 1, 2010


Are you going to be at THE Game today with your phone? Will you be tweeting from the game? Follow @WinterClassic on Twitter and tweet any comments in regards to your daily activities as you make your way to Fenway Park and once settled in your seats. Include @winterclassic and #winterclassic in your tweet and we will retweet out to those following.

Perhaps you can share your thoughts on your view of the game. Today's event will be viewed from angles like hockey rarely is so we want to know how it looks to you. How is the weather? The fans? The food? Mmmmm....food.

It's a bit of a beta run as we prepare the idea for more full development next season, but get on board with a follow @WinterClassic on twitter.com. Even if you simply WISH you were going to be there and want to share what your 01.01.10 Winter Classic Day is like (including the watching conditions from your couch!), join in the fun and give 'er a follow.

Just tweet and include @WinterClassic in your message and we will retweet it out.

But if you know someone getting ready to head out to the big game today, pass this along and ask 'em to do that thing with their mobile phones they're going to do anyways. Use them.

Happy New Year, Happy Hockey.

Follow @WinterClassic here

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