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Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Friendly OGA Reminder: Remember to wear your favorite hockey sweater tomorrow regardless of the where the day leads you. Friday begins the second annual HOCKEY WEEKEND Across America taking place, well, in America.

Some NHL cities (WSH, PHX) are hosting special events to spread the good word of Hockey to the masses and many more communities without NHL teams (i.e. Vancouver, WA) are even getting in on the special events with 'try hockey for free' skating sessions at participating rinks.

I'll post more about this later but whether you live in a host-city or not, you can still do your part. Your country and your frozen game need you. So wear your sweater tomorrow and answer all the questions with a smile. You are an ambassador for the great game. And you know you love to talk hockey, anyways...

Check out the official site for more information at www.usahockey.com/HWAA

As for my choice of fave sweater for tomorrow? Picking a favorite is hard... *mike modano stars 93 black/green picked up at a grocery store on clearance for next to nothing in 1994 because it was most likely delivered in a box on the wrong truck* ...so I will choose to wear my latest favorite - the Dallas Stars AHL affiliate Texas Stars Reebok jersey -

Home white, of course. I'm liking more of the white designs these days. Is that just me? And a hockey sweater that boldly proclaims TEXAS? Definitely worthy of a hockey ambassadorship.

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