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Saturday, January 23, 2010

On JabberHockey: 50 Games In...Which Teams Are IN? OGA Knows

Olympics are nearing. The trade deadline looms. And yet the playoff picture is taking shape right now as each team completes a minimum of 50 games this Saturday. And with the end of each 10-game furlong it's time for the OGA CALLS! Who has qualified for the 09-10 playoffs? Who has been eliminated? And which teams are on the bubble? OGA Knows...

And we reveal names this Sunday, January 24th at 5.30PM ET on our weekly radio talk show, JabberHockey on blogtralkradio.com. It's free to listen and it's before this big game on Sunday I hear they are playing. I believe they call it 'football'.

But ye know not of what I speak because every day is a Hockey Day.

So please join us Sunday at 5.30PM ET here. (ifn's you click the 'here' over there, you will be directed to the show page wherein you can check a box, enter an email address and haven's yourselves an email reminder sent to ya before show time)

We'd be honored to have you as we shoot hard At the Top of the Slot with The Colonel's PQC Slapshots and discuss the 7 teams in EACH conference we already Know will skate past 82.

We'll also do some free-form hockey chat and take your calls in our Open Ice Hits segment while we reveal the most dominant player of the week per OGA's Comprehensive Player Index (CPI). We'll discuss the games2watch for the coming week and in FanFantasy, we'll dig Deep In The Corners as we spotlight players in the AHL who may soon heed the call to the big barn in this injury-riddled, schedule-compressed regular season...and their potential impact on your fantasy team.

Now, if not familiar with us here at On Goal Analysis (OGA), you may ask yourself, 'how can you call a team IN or OUT of the playoffs at only the 50th game of 82? Ridiculous.' Perhaps.

But after a thorough analysis of NHL stats since the Lockout, OGA has developed a proprietary curve - our PQC (Playoff Qualifying Curve) - along which teams must play at or above in order to qualify for a spot in post-season play. Conversely, our PQC can also identify teams eliminated from playoff contention.

We make these calls every 10 games and have done so with almost 90% accuracy and, on average, 84 days before the same mathematical call.

You can review last season's OGA Report Card (to see exactly what we do and how we did) here. And with many of our OGA CALLS coming earlier than ever during this 09-10 NHL regular season, we are anxious to see how things shake out for the coming Report Card as we have had some bold IN/OUT Calls this season...and early!

Of course you can always see what OGA Knows by checking our PQC Status Spectrum at the top of the homepage at www.ongoalanalysis.com

But do please join us each Sunday for JabberHockey at 5.30PM ET. That's where the hi-jinks, tomfoolery and shenanigans are. We talk hockey, we have a good time and you're invited.

take me to www.ongoalanalysis.com

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