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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sunday's JabberHockey and A Thanks...

If you missed last Sunday's episode of JabberHockey, On Goal Analysis' weekly hockey radio show, you can go to our home page, www.ongoalanalysis.com and scroll down a bit past the standings and scores on the left hand side. There you will find the player. Click 'play' and listen to 'When The Lightning Strike' wherein we discussed all things Tampa Bay Lightning with the excellent Cassie McClellan from SB Nation's Raw Charge.

We dedicated almost the entire show to the interview as we had some quick changes to the agenda and had MANY questions for Cassie regarding lessons learned and a fresh, new season to play in Tampa. With the Lightning currently sitting in 9th in the East, just outside of playoff positioning, this season's squad is remade, refreshed and possibly even beating your team in your barn on any given night.

We asked questions ranging from the absence of the 'sophomore slump' for Steve Stamkos and the growth of the great game in the greater Tampa area. Make a little time for a quick listen. We'll be appreciative and you'll be enlightened. Smacks of a bargain...

Again, thanks to Cassie and also to John for livening up the associated chat. It was a lot of fun and we look forward to our next conversation.

And on another note, we want to send another big 'Thank You' to one of the OGA team members. Our PQC-master, The Colonel has chosen a blog handle that is most relevant considering he still serves in such capacity in the US National Gaurd. He not only serves, but has seen active duty overseas and will often bring his unique insight into battle strategy to his analysis of current play in NHL hockey. For a good example, check out his blog about the Caps last season (March) that was linked by Puck Daddy and others here.

So, on Veteran's Day, OGA sends out a big, hearty 'Thanks' to The Colonel for his service to the country. Remember to thank the veterans in your life today, too since you are free to do so.

And thanks for your support!

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