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Friday, November 20, 2009

Good News for the Black- and Blue- and OGA on the Road

First, about last night...

After last night's victories for the Chicago Blackhawks and Columbus Blue Jackets, both teams are now CHASING STANLEY - IN the Stanley Cup Playoffs per OGA's Playoff Qualifying Curve (PQC) performance model. How do we know what we know? Go read The Tao of OGA to find out. If you're a fan of either team, start saving for playoff tickets now.

Had I the time, I'd discuss such topics as, "Where's Jonathan Toews? After a 34-35-69 season last year, the 'Hawks captain is on pace for 12-40-52 this season. Were he a defenseman, that would be a nice season," or "Columbus looked good last night, but they're not consistently playing at the level they were at during their playoff push last season." Instead of getting into such discussion-worthy items, I've got to get packed and get gone. Where am I going? I believe the answer may be found in this classic tune (is that The OGA Boys singing backup?):

Okay, so Frozen Pill and I are flying, not taking a midnight train...but FP's flight doesn't touch down in Hotlanta until almost midnight tonight, and we'd rather live in Rich Peverley's world than live without him in ours, so it's entirely appropriate. We'll be at "Blogger Day 2" tomorrow, and will be blogging, Tweeting, belching, etc, live from The Battle of the Birds (that's Penguins @ Thrashers, for those of you who don't want to think this morning). Should be fun...

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