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Sunday, November 22, 2009

OGA Road Trip III: Atlanta Day One - by Big Tex

As I type this, it's a chilly Sunday night in Atlanta. I'm still trying to get my thoughts together regarding OGA's Atlanta Experience, but I wanted to share a few initial thoughts before I have to get a few hours' sleep and catch a plane back to Dallas. By Tuesday morning, I'll have the rest posted. So, without further delay:

1. Philips Arena is unique among NHL barns, in that all luxury boxes are located on one side of the arena. The suites begin just above the lower bowl and extend almost to the ceiling. Not only does it look cool (reminds me of an opera house), but the design actually puts all upper bowl seats closer to the ice, which means the roof is lower, which makes crowd noise more of a factor in the game...big plus.

2. Thrashers' bloggers are very knowledgeable, passionate, a mix of northern transplants and natives, male and female, and an all-around good bunch of people. They are an asset to the Thrashers' organization.

3. The fact that Saturday was Atlanta's third Blogger Day speaks well of the organization. Not every NHL club reaches out to bloggers, despite the obvious decline of the print media. Atlanta is ahead of the curve in this regard, and will only benefit long-term from this program.

I do have much more to say, but my pillow and a plane ride are calling. More tomorrow.

To be continued...


Laura (aka Hildymac) said...

*pffft* Sleep is for sissies. Of course, I got to nod off until noon today, while you had to be on a plane, so I really don't think that I have much room to comment.

We had a great time with you guys on Saturday night! I'm glad that you enjoyed your time here in Atlanta - next time we have one of these, you gentlemen really do need to return!

Bright Young Thing said...

lol awww... "bless your heart."

BTW, for your viewing pleasure...www.peopleofwalmart.com

Big Tex said...

Ladies, the pleasure was all ours. We look forward to a return visit to Atlanta...perhaps for a playoff game? I'm optimistic.

Thanks for your hospitality, and thanks (I think) for www.peopleofwalmart.com - it DOES make me feel better about myself!

Laura (aka Hildymac) said...

*shhhh* You said the word "playoff." You know that to the Thrashers, saying that before a spot is locked is like saying "Hey, I bet that this goalie's gonna get a shut out!"

What happens next? Yep.