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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Oh, the Humanity!!!

What I like about history is that it helps put things in perspective. While sitting in the AAC last night (proudly wearing my Rangers Sean Avery t-shirt), I tried to come up with an historical event to help me put the game in perspective. What came to mind was the Hindenburg Disaster. After keeping the game close through two periods, the Rangers suddenly burst into flames, slowly sank to the ice, and collapsed into themselves...a complete, utter disaster. The only positive to come out of it was that, unlike that fateful day in New Jersey, nobody died last night.

The game was, indeed, historic: It was the first time the Stars have hung ten goals on an opponent since they were still the Minnesota North Stars (1992), and the first time the Rangers allowed ten since 1993. The Blueshirts' third period collapse was their worst since...November 1, 2008, when the Maple Leafs scored five third period goals in 5:21 to win, 5-2. Is it mere coincidence that Stephen Valiquette was in goal for that game, too? At this point, all I can say is that I hope so.

In a nutshell, the Rangers were simply terrible. I consider myself fortunate that Stars fans (with the notable exception of Tex Jr.) are generally very polite, so the only taunting I had to endure on my way out of the AAC was from my son (disciplinary action to follow).

If this game doesn't spur action on Glen Sather's part, nothing will. As I said yesterday, they need Avery NOW. At this point, he can only help.

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