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Monday, January 19, 2009

ST. LOUIS at BOSTON: A (Playoff Caliber) Game of Inch(es)

First it was Saturday night with the likes of BOSTON at WASHINGTON, CHICAGO at ST. LOUIS and DETROIT at SAN JOSE. Playoff caliber Hockey in mid-January, all three were a treat for NHL fans everywhere, regardless of your favorite team.

Then, seemingly a no-contest matinee between ST. LOUIS and BOSTON on Martin Luther King Day in the United States was on the schedule. I admit, I didn’t get my Center Ice Online package up and watching until the last three minutes, nine seconds of the game. But in that three minutes, I saw a goal reviewed and disallowed, a goal off the next faceoff to put BOSTON ahead by two, a power play goal by ST. LOUIS to go one behind, a pulled goalie, swirling skating up and down the rink, tape-to-tape passes, desperate attempts to keep the puck in the BOSTON zone, a heroic blocked shot that made me holler, “DON’T WASTE THAT MAN’S EFFORT!”, and a goal to tie the score with 1.5 seconds left.

Above the crossbar by an inch or two on the swat of the straight-up in the air rebound over Tim Thomas’ left shoulder? Not according to the goal reviewers, which you know HAD to include the War Room in Toronto by the time it took.

Regardless, WOW! What a $@#!%&* game! THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is what sells this, The Coolest (Damn) Game on Earth!

Where’s my oxygen mask?...

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