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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Musings on Trades and the Big-Game Greatness of Detroit

Just a few thoughts/questions before bed:

1. Is there a team in the NHL capable of beating the Red Wings in a seven-game series? Boston, perhaps...um...hang on; I'm still thinking...Boston (maybe), and...

2. If I were Glen Sather, I'd be wondering if the Panthers were foolish enough to take Wade Redden, Dan Fritsche, and my 2nd round pick this year for Jay Bouwmeester.

3. If I were Scott Howson, I'd have several questions: First, is Nikita Filatov the Real Deal, worth the time investment necessary to allow him to develop and reach his full potential, or is he worth more to Columbus in the long run if he can be dealt for a player who can put the Blue Jackets over the top (and into the playoffs) NOW? Second, if making the playoffs this season is more important, would the Senators take Filatov and this years' 1st round pick for Jason Spezza? Third, what if we throw in Christian Backman? Fourth, if the Sens won't deal for Spezza, will they still take Backman? Fifth, will Toronto give up Pavel Kubina for Methot and a 2nd round pick (or are the Leafs foolish enough to take Backman)? Sixth, what in the world am I going to do with Pascal Leclaire?

4. With Minnesota apparently out of the running in the Ilya Kovalchuk Sweepstakes, Montreal is supposedly the front-runner now. If he lands in Montreal, Kovalchuk will be the SEVENTH "K" on the Kanadiens' roster. The kwestion is: Why is Montreal trying to korner the market on players whose surnames begin with a "K"? I kould go on like this, but I'll spare you...this time.

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