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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sounds of the All-Star Game

With the conclusion of All-Stars weekend merely moments away as the West and East suit-up and tighten the laces, OGA wishes all the players an injury-free and FUN time on the ice this evening. The OGA writers will post some thoughts on the conclusion of this year's All-Star game after the fan-fare is concluded.

But until then, fans should put aside too much of the punditry (no fights, little hits, reduced speed, fan-voting, etc.) and enjoy the players enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of the game they love to PLAY...

I imagine it is a special time for players to put aside rivalry and thoughts of standings for a weekend and find, even if just for a little bit, the pure pleasure that comes from playing on the pond (as it is, for the rink is reserved for business) with other skilled players.

Every clack of the stick meeting puck on a precise pass, every slash of the blade, cutting through ice and every chuckle (instead of chirping!) must be a pure joy for these players who are honored to be in Montreal - to share their love of the game with us, the lovers of the great game that is OUR game...hockey!

Other sounds to look forward to? The on-ice conversations with the players who are mic'ed and the interviews before/during/after the game. For some players it is their first ASG, for some, probably their last.

So put aside any debatable issues and enjoy this presentation...because this one truly is for us, the fans and should remind us of the Game inside the Business.

More thoughts to follow...After the Game is played...!


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