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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Trade Deadline Rubik's Cube

I can’t help it: I love the NHL trade deadline and all its’ attendant shenanigans. The trade deadline is like a Rubik’s Cube (the link is for all you whippersnappers who don’t know what that is), as every move made affects moves on the other side of the cube (or league). Trying to figure out “…IF Trade A goes down, then how does that change Trade B?” can easily occupy most of your waking hours. Case in point: Yours Truly. The trade of oft-injured Atlanta goalie Kari Lehtonen to Dallas for prospect d-man Ivan Vishnevsky and a 4th round draft pick has set my mind a-spinnin’. Allow me to share a little stream-of-consciousness trade thought with you:

1. Lehtonen’s arrival in Dallas must signal Marty Turco’s departure. Who wants a goalie? Chicago and Philadelphia, that’s who.

2. Dallas needs a puck-moving defenseman to quarterback the PP. Vishnevsky was supposed to fit the bill, so why would the Stars trade him...UNLESS they thought they could get a puck-moving d-man for Turco?

3. If Chicago wants Turco, methinks it will cost them one Cam Barker

4. …OR one Brian Campbell. This works for Chicago, as they need to shed salary before next season, but they have to get a defenseman back from Dallas in addition to Turco (Trevor Daley or Matt Niskanen would be my guess).

5. If Chicago gets Turco, they must unload Cristobal Huet…to Philadelphia.

6. Who would Chicago want from the Flyers? Braydon Coburn and draft picks? Matt Carle?

7. Now that Atlanta has stocked their blueline with Enstrom, Bogosian, Oduya, Kubina (assuming he re-signs with the Thrashers), Valabik and now Vishnevsky, could one puck-moving defenseman (Enstrom or Bogosian, or even Vishnevsky) be dealt to Columbus for Nikita Filatov, thus giving the Blue Jackets the offensive d-man they so desperately need and the Thrashers their next non-backchecking Russian superstar?

8. …OR could Filatov go to Los Angeles in exchange for Jack Johnson?

See how easy it is to cross the line from sound reasoning to wild speculation? And that, my friends, is how trade rumors are born.

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Frozen Pill said...

wonderful stream-of-conscious trade scenarios. and once it's written (and read) doesn't it seem as though this double-deadline coming up could be more active than even the last couple of seasons' trade deadlines? getting the trade fevah...

For Point No. 2, I would add that, perhaps, Vish wasn't living up to expectations as it seemed the Stars relied more on Maxime Fortunas from Texas this season. I think the offensive-minded Vishnevsky's play in the defensive end is questionable. Plus, the whole Russians heart KHL thing, too (liability?)

For Point No. 3, yes another player would have to go w/ Turco in order to free up budget money (not cap money) as Hicks will not grab Campbell's contract right now with the pending sale/new investors

Point No. 5 is a brilliant twist to the narrative and I hope someone from said organizations are reading this if the 'deal' ain't done yet. And the idea of Turco going straight to PHI seems to be bumming some Philly fans out from what I just read on the SB Nation post/comments. Which is awkward, considering how Turco's ability to be a third defenseman for a team is completely being ignored when considering the pros/cons of bringing him on board for a Cup Run.

Oh, and trade deadline dealing/scenarios = Rubik's Cube? Brilliant.