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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Team Belarus Coach's Interview - The Colonel

Below is the Google EN translation of a press conference led by Team Belarus Head Coach Mikhail Zakharov. Note Team Belarus flies to Canada 07/08.02.10 where they will play two games against the Swiss on 09.02.10 and 11.02.10 in Winnipeg.

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"...06/02/2010Play to win
On Saturday, February 6, in the office of the Republic of Belarus Ice Hockey Federation held a press conference with head coach Mikhail Zakharov and Secretary General FHRB Sergey Goncharov. Meeting with journalists was timed for the flight team for the Olympics in Vancouver.

In dealing with the press Mikhail Zakharov stressed once again that at the moment among the candidates for getting into the Olympic team is not "major" and "spare":
- Frankly, I'm tired of repeating that we have a list of candidates, where all are equal before February 15 - the date of the official Olympic bid.
Mikhail said he hoped that all the Belarusians, the speakers in the NHL, yet be able to participate in the Games:
- I would not say that the same Mikhail Grabovsky everything has been decided definitively. Naturally, I would really like to Misha played at the Olympics, as, indeed, all of our other representatives of the NHL. Salei, according to my information, has rides, the recovery process is successful.
Sergey Goncharov added that the issue of enhaelovtsam will most likely resolved early next week after the regular communication sessions with the leaders of clubs, which serve Belarusians overseas.
Speaking of problems, Mikhail Zakharov assured all present that the team will fight for victory in each match. For the psychological motivation of hockey in Vancouver coaching staff has prepared a variety of video materials, the most memorable moments and the team of the Minsk "Dynamo". By the way, Mikhail Mikhailovich in the national team play an important role of video-training players.
- In modern hockey video-viewing and analysis of the episodes - one of the most important moments in the coaching business. In "Youth", for example, we constantly train hockey players on the basis of video materials. This, I introduced and the national team. Believe me, it's really insanely important aspect.
Arguing on goalkeeper coach complained that the last game Andrei Mezin and Vitaly Koval was carried out not as reliable as it is the case, but problems in that Mikhail does not see:
- We have a great tandem of goalkeepers. I think the past is not the most successful games in their performance of moral consequence of depression is not the best performances of Minsk "Dynamo" in general. In sports psychology is very important. I am sure that during the collection goalkeeper forget about everything and concentrate on the Olympics will show their best game.
At the end of the press conference, Mikhail Mikhailovich asked an interesting question: "Given the problems of national team (players' injuries, which counted coaching staff, refusal to travel to the Olympics as an assistant Andrei Khomutov), Do not you regret that led the team?"
- Never! Yes, we have a difficult situation, but is that a man's cry and run away from difficulties? I am proud to head the national team and will put all their strength and knowledge to achieve maximum results!
Applauding, all present wished the Belarusian national team good luck in Vancouver.

Recall, our team flies to Canada in the night from Sunday to Monday (the night of 7 to 8 February). Check out team is scheduled for 3 am from Minsk-Arena. The team initially will fly to Winnipeg, where 9 and 11 February will have two friendly matches with the Swiss. After these sparring Belarusians fly directly to Vancouver.

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