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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Morphing The Stats - The Colonel

After posting the two part blog on Points Per Shift (PPS), we carefully read the comments that were posted in several blogs and thank you for your input.

It has driven us to a conclusion that we need to continue to morph this stat in order to meet our intention of stating who is the most dominant player on the ice.

To that end, early next week we will post a blog on Defense Per Shift (DPS) and what that means to the total equation.

That will be followed by the post we think will truly get to our original aim. Combining the PPS and DPS stats, we will produce the Complete Player Index to quantify what players do both with the puck and, during the majority of their time on the ice, what they do without it that contributes to their team's success.

Stay tuned to www.ongoalanalysis.com early next week for what we hope you will see as valuable analysis provided as another means of looking at The Great Game.

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