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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

JabberHockey This Sunday - The Predators Arnott Extinct

Please join us this Sunday, December 13th at 5.30PM EST for another edition of JabberHockey - the weekly radio talk show for On Goal Analysis (OGA) on BlogTalkRadio.com

From the top of the slot, The OGA line will host Buddy and Jackson Oakes from 'Preds on the Glass' this Sunday. Season ticket holders since Day One, the father-son combo [Buddy is also the Hockey Beat Writer for the Columbia (TN) Daily Herald] are passionate and knowledgeable fans of all things Nashville Predators and of the Great Game itself.

Their goal is to "Spread the gospel of the Nashville Predators to the far corners of the Hockey World". Sounds like the perfect 'next-stop' for OGA's Tour of the Non-Traditional hockey market.

We will also feature The Colonel's 'PQC Slapshots' as all 30 teams will have hit the Game 30 mark by Saturday and OGA has more insight into the coming playoffs as the PQC Status Spectrum lights up. OGA Knows. And you can, too.

Lastly, we'll close out with OGA's Games2Watch and, if time allows, a little FanFantasy hockey round-table for this week's broadcast.

Please go to the JabberHockey page here and set a reminder so you can join us live this Sunday at 5.30PM EST! And we give you our thanks.

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