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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Super Mario and One of the Reasons I Love The NHL

I was enjoying a quite Saturday, killing time before the STARS/SHARKS game and happened to go to NHL.com. If you wait on the picture window to roll over to the PENGUINS, the top link on the left is one of the reasons I love the NHL.

From that link, you see Mario Lemieux honoring a request from the Make A Wish Foundation to play some shinny with young Dean who has beaten cancer, a regular activity for Mario and the PENGUINS to support.

I spent a year in BAGHDAD where I found over and over again that kids are kids, no matter the language, all over the world. Of the more than 1900 times my Brigade's Soldiers experienced enemy contact in 11 months, by far the mission we enjoyed most was anything we did with children. From rebuilding schools, handing out coats, caps and gloves, to passing around soccer balls, baseball gloves and stuffed animals, the smile of an IRAQI child with a "SHU-KRAN (Thank YOU!), Mister," was some of the best effort we gave to that nation.

I have an even more soft spot in this old Colonel's heart for children than before I went over. Mario and the PENGUIN's work with the Make A Wish Foundation, as well as the many other charities Hockey players and the League give time, energy, and effort for, stands among one of the key reasons I will forever be dedicated to spreading the love of this Great Game.

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