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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Coming Soon!

We Are On To Something. In a comprehensive study of NHL statistics since the 2004-2005 Lockout, we have found a key. This key, the Playoff Qualifying Curve (PQC), unlocks predictions of who will and will not qualify for the NHL playoffs

So what?” you exclaim. “Everybody in hockey media circles does that.” But do they know this with 87% accuracy for an average of 17 teams by 1 January and for more than two-thirds of the NHL weeks before the trade deadline? WE DO and we are On Goal Analysis (OGA).

At On Goal Analysis we are dedicated to a strategic study of NHL team performance and a team’s ability to qualify for the postseason. Our informative reports are compiled after an exhaustive examination of each NHL team's performance throughout the season and measured against our proprietary Playoff Qualifying Curve. You will be surprised by what we have uncovered. An average of six teams’ fates decided at the end of October… ANOTHER six in November… ANOTHER FIVE IN DECEMBER… Stats in professional Hockey will never be viewed the same again!

Our reports are prepared for fans, analysts, fantasy game enthusiasts and management. Sarah Palin, potentially the most powerful Hockey Mom in North America, might just want to read what we have to say. In addition to our analysis and regular reporting on The OGA Blogs, we will provide a unique product to enhance your enjoyment of The Great Game of Hockey by arming you with below-the-surface knowledge of team trends and key indicators of future performance.

We love the game of Hockey and want to share our unique insight and enthusiasm with you. After all, first and foremost, we are fans. But are we fanatical? You bet. We are On Goal Analysis.

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