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Thursday, April 8, 2010

"One MO Year!" for the Greatest American Hero

There are plenty of tributes upon the interwebs today regarding what may potentially be Mike Modano's last home game in a Stars sweater.

Hockey gods forbid.

So I won't go into detail about what he has meant to all American hockey players or to the city of Dallas and his contributions locally. Nice round-ups of the like can be found on the Defending Big D blog here.

However, in the event the gentleman truly is done and hangs up the skates (after ending his career playing in the North Stars' former home, Minnesota versus the Wild as a fitting, but bitter, salute IMO) and perhaps moves on to hockey ops or management or spends much of his time on the green, I want to be there tonight. And I will.

I attended the first Stars home game in 1993 and was able to watch Mikey MO on many occasions throughout the years. I went to the parade after the Stars won the Cup in 1999 and saw Mike lift 'er up for the crowd.

By being there tonight, I hope to shout 'Thank you' just loud enough to penetrate the collective psyche of the barn. I'll be kicking it upper deck, but I think it will make a difference. At least for me.

And if the fans in the upper bowl feel so inclined, I hope they follow me in my mantra we have been promoting on JabberHockey this second half of the season:


And I see Mike Modano's mom is on board with our plea, as well as stated in her interview with ESPN.
"I'm hoping for one more year," Karen Modano said. "I know once that's over with, we won't get center ice anymore and won't be watching as many games."
I'm with you, mom. One MO year.

And when my 4-year old son scores a goal in the kitchen, he never takes credit. He shouts, 'Modano scores!' Thanks, Mike for all the incredible memories and your contributions to the success of hockey in the state of Texas.

You are a great American hero.

All similarities in appearance are eerily coincidental but perhaps, unknowingly, prophetic. We draw no conclusions but rather invite you to hum the theme song below in the comments. Don't act like you don't know it. You are humming it now, aren't you?

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