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Friday, November 21, 2008

A STARS Captain and His Boat

In my last post on the Stars I had mentioned Marty Turco's tendency to allow a goal in the last minute of the period....any period. Then the Stars played a pretty good game against the Phoenix Coyotes, but alas, the 2nd period saw Kevin Porter (PHX) score at 19:22. Argh.

The next game against the Chicago Blackhawks was the Stars' next chance to put together two wins in a row since last season. The 'Hawks scored at 19:23 of the 1st period, 19:30 of the 2nd period and again at 19:44 of the 3rd. Okay, yes, the last one in the 3rd was an empty-netter for Chicago, but...

Today we learn a Captain always goes down with the ship. Stars' captain Brenden Morrow is out indefinitely with a torn ACL. Perhaps 6 months....?

True, the StarShip Dallas is not down and out yet. But the captain is. So I offer a couple of thoughts.

Give the Captain's C back to Mike Modano for the rest of the season (or until Morrow returns, if he can). Mike has by far been the struggling Stars' best player so far this season. His stated goal of wanting to lead the team in points in this, his last season, is backed by his performance on the ice.

And the man is still the heart and soul of the first team to bring the Cup to the South. If you remember the 'drama' surrounding his C being given to Morrow a couple of years ago (the right choice at the time for the team's future) you should also realize how oh-so-glorious it would be for him to wear the Captain's sweater again in this, his final voyage. I do believe the sheer gravitas of the matter would be poetic enough. And just. And perhaps just what the team needs.

Not to mention the fact Modano's play merits this and it would probably come with less pressure this time around. Just a man who is the highest point-getter of all US born NHL players, an Olympian, and a Stanley Cup kisser who has played his entire career with one team captaining his team back to the playoffs for one final push to hoist the Cup again.

Legend is the word I am looking for here.

In fact, with the Stars having traded Philippe Boucher to retain Daryl Sydor (for the third time) from Pittsburgh, it occurred to me perhaps we could see a line of old.

Imagine, if you will, Sydor and Zubov on the points in a power play with forwards, Jere Lehtinen, Mike Modano and Brenden Morrow. Call it the Legacy Line.

Ah, but there's the rub, gents. No more Morrow for a while. And in the same post on the Stars' site today where the MorrowNews is delivered, they also mention the recall of Landon Wilson.

That should help. No knock on Wilson but, yikes. This is a team struggling to find an identity and the puck at the same time. Something has to happen.

I also discussed in my previous post the potential for a shake-up in the future if the ship weren't righted. Well, the Boucher trade happened (most observers think the Penguins got the best of the trade, but the Stars need the familiar veteran for his locker room/bench voice and wisdom as much as his skills) but we may not be done with what is quickly becoming an 'experimental' year for the Dallas Stars.

In light of all of this, the OGA writers have conferred and we submit the following after learning of Morrow's injury:

Isn't Brendan Shanahan (free agent) still working out and looking for a team?

Give the Big C to Modano, tell him it's his to lead, get Shanny on the phone, tell him Avery misses him and get the spark ignited in Dallas.

You're welcome, internet. We'll take your comments below.

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